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We have done business with Mark Hunke (Real Estate of the Rockies) for more than two years.

We have purchased houses through Mark and we have also sold property with Mark. We place high value on honesty and Mark fits this criteria very well. We have found Mark to be completely open and honest about the many complicated issues one encounters during a real estate transaction. Mark has kept us informed all along the way and we have had time to prepare for each situation that came up. We have found that if one can avoid “surprises” then everything else is manageable. With Mark we knew exactly what to expect and we were able to prepare properly. When we were looking for property, Mark did extensive research in order to ensure that we got good value. He researched neighborhoods, recently sold property for comparisons, and comparable value for similar neighborhoods. This information allowed us to make good buying decisions. When we were selling property with Mark, we were pleased with the quick sale even in a “buyers market”. We found it to be an advantage that Mark could offer potential buyers financing solutions. This ability not only to sell but to finance widened the field of potential buyers for our property. Ultimately, every real estate professional must be judged by their results. We highly recommend Mark to anyone needing to buy or sell property. You will find him to be honest, committed, and productive.

John Hayes

I take great pride in writing this letter of recommendation for Mark Hunke.

Mark worked with my wife and I for over two years providing market updates, listings and new trends in our market. He was always professional and responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend Mark and his company for anyone moving to the Denver area. Don Johnson

Don Johnson

We could not have been more pleased and feel blessed that we worked with you (I hope the feeling is reciprocal!

). You were so organized and a fount of information. You also helped guide us through the process - without you I would have been way more frazzled than I was! Plus you were always so kind and patient. So, a million thanks. We are so VERY appreciative of everything you have done for us (as well as for Ellen and Kim). Warm wishes, Jenny

Jenny Michaels

Recently we (my husband and I) sold our house in Colorado Springs and needed to find another house in Denver.

Although we were not panicky about finding a new place, we wanted to find something as soon as possible. Mark Hunke came highly recommended as a buyer’s agent, and we engaged his services in May of 2003. We began commuting from Colorado Springs a couple of times each week in order to check out the numerous houses which seemed to meet our specifications. Mark emailed listings to us each night before we drove to Denver, and we deleted any properties that we felt were unacceptable (although we never deleted very many!). The process was actually quite enjoyable! I guess the important part of our experience has to do with the excellent job Mark did as our agent. When we found a house that we really liked, we realized right away that it was in need of repairs. If we were going to be able to do everything we wanted to do (including a kitchen renovation and adding three decks) we were going to have to persuade the seller to lower his price-considerably. Mark was a tough negotiator when it came to convincing the seller’s agent that she should accept our offer. When the seller countered our offer at ten thousand dollars more than we were willing to pay, Mark talked to the seller’s agent again and assured her that she was about to lose our offer. When she met with her client again, he lowered his asking price by ten thousand dollars, and we bought the house. The story doesn’t end there, however. During the inspection, the inspector found rust in the furnace. Although the furnace and air conditioner were both in working order, they were twenty years old and needed to be replaced. Mark took this information back to the seller’s agent and asked for the replacement costs of these items. The seller agreed. It’s extremely important to hire someone who is going to look out for your interests as a buyer, and as the buyer, we wanted someone of integrity who would aggressively go to bat for us. Because of Mark’s hard work, we were able to buy the house we wanted at a price we could afford and still have the resources to make the improvements we wanted to make. Not only will we do business with him again, but we have already recommended him to friends interested in purchasing a home in Denver. We feel very blessed that Mark was the agent we hired. Sincerely yours,

Danielle and Jerry Woodward

Mark has been extremely helpful and beneficial in helping us find our dream home.

We were pretty difficult customers, with very specifics needs and wants, and Mark went above and beyond to accommodate us. He has always been very reliable and knowledgeable in answering our questions or concerns. When it came time to sell our condo, Mark was efficient and honest and we were able to get our condo on the market and sold within 8 hours for exactly what we had marketed it for! Once we finally decided to build our dream house, Mark assisted us on the ins and outs of working with contractors and introduced us to an excellent loan officer. Overall, Mark was a joy to work with and we have highly recommended him to friends and family in selling and buying a new home. Thank you so much for all your hard work! We love our house!

Shelby Stone and Alex Santiago

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to buy a home/townhouse/condo in Colorado.

I was unsure if it would be investment property, a fixer upper, a townhouse, a house, and where in the Denver area it would be. Over the years, I have bought and sold at least 8 homes and was never impressed with the realtors. Being so indecisive, I couldn’t imagine any realtor working with me but I was pleasantly surprised when I met Mark Hunke. Mark is professional, knowledgeable and he “cares” about his clients. Mark travelled all over showing me properties in Nedenberg, Golden, downtown Denver, and the suburbs. Each time I was interested in a property Mark took it upon himself to review any restrictions pertaining to the property. I have never had a realtor do that. All they wanted to do was sell, sell, sell, with the line “this is a good deal.” At least one property I had my heart set on, Mark told me to think of all the pros and cons before making an offer. If it weren’t for Mark and his input, I probably would have bought it, and then found out it was not right for me. After much running around, Mark showed me a house (which I am happy to say is mine) and negotiated a great deal. If more realtors had the qualities that Mark possesses, the public would have a more trustworthy opinion of realtors in general. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Mark, and would and will recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home. Very truly yours,

Ellen Schattner

Robin and I would like to “Thank You” for your assistance in finding a new home during our recent relocation from Maryland to Denver, CO.

As you know, relocating is full of challenges. Finding a new home is probably the biggest of those challenges and doing so across the country is no small task. When we first started our relocation efforts, we contacted several realtors. Our primary constraint was to find someone who could dedicate and commit spending a solid week helping us look for a home upon our arrival to Denver, CO. This was very important since a pre-arrival house-hunting trip was not an option for us. You made that commitment. We were very fortunate to already know the area, but finding a realtor that meets ones needs can be a challenge. I am pleased to say that upon meeting you, I was very impressed with your commitment to finding us a home and your dedication to that task. You were extremely organized throughout the process and you methodically worked thru our requirements to focus only on those homes that were applicable. Then your perseverance in walking us thru 60-70 homes within a week was commendable along with following up on actions. No small task by any means. You provided candid insight and never appeared frustrated or overbearing under the circumstances. You significantly exceeded our expectations and maintained very open communications. It was a true pleasure to work with you throughout the process and look forward to staying in touch. We will gladly refer you to anyone in need of a dedicated and professional realtor. Thanks again,

Mark M. Jarosz

So along with this letter I wanted to tell you a little history.

Back when we first met we had a house that was being taken from us from an HOA law suite and not sure if you remember that??? Also at the time I had found out my wife at the time (Annette) was cheating. I knew things were going to get extremely messy and needed a house for the kids and I as I knew it was about to become a single father to raise 3 kids on my own. As soon as we got moved into the house I was deployed twice to New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina crisis. upon my second deployment orders I had confronted Annette and when I reported for duty for deployment they had cancelled my deployment the day of... When I returned home I got a dear Jon letter saying she had abandoned the kids with my brother. all those years I was so thankful you helped me to get into this house and that the kids and I had a roof over our head. Mark what you did to help us to get the loan helping us with painting scraping and all so much never went forgotten. From the bottom of my heart I will never ever forget it. And thank you for the opportunity you gave me those 15 years ago... NOW with that said. I was involved in some high security clearance stuff and need to keep my info classified as to where I went etc. so just in case anyone including family members or claiming to be family please give no info out. i wish I could explain more but not able to due to the nature. Mark, Again THANK YOU for helping me!!!! God Bless you my friend!!!! -- -Joe "Dozer" Mendoza

Joe Mendoza

Paul and I wish to thank you again for all you do, we couldn’t have made this move from New Jersey to Castle Rock CO without your expertise, your kindness, your willingness to jump in and help us out with different issues we have come across.

The best part is your still willing to allow us to call you with questions regarding our move to Colorado etc… We are overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity to go above and beyond as a realtor. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, to know you. We really appreciate all you have done for us. Knowing your just a phone call away for questions is so comforting to know that we have a friend in Colorado. God Blessed us with a fantastic Realtor and friend. Thank you.

Denise & Paul Moran

ark Sorry for delay in sending this letter, but I was going through some very hard personal times as my wife just passed away this last week.

She had been in a lot of pain for many years with Kidney and Lung disease and now the pain is gone and she is in a better place. With regards to the Condo Saphire and her family are extremely happy. All the best to you and if I happen to be looking for another property in the area I will be in touch Dan Day

Daniel Day

My wife and recently decided to sell our home in Northglenn, CO.

Three years earlier, we purchased the home using Mark Hunke as our buying agent. Our experience with Mark in purchasing our first home was exceptional so we knew right away to call Mark again when it came time to sell. Mark has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise regarding the Denver Metro Real Estate market and provides a first class experience. He is attentive to your wants and needs, but also realistic when it comes to determining price and value of the home. Mark made us feel like we were his only client, when in reality he is dealing with several deals at once. The best part about dealing with Mark is he will listen to your input and work with you to set honest expectations about your home buying or selling experience. He has top notch partners in the inspection and home repair space that will provide great work at a fair price. If you are looking for an honest and attentive agent, Mark Hunke is the agent you are looking for when buying or selling a home

Shane and Sarah Roberts

I am very happy to recommend Mark Hunke and his team at The K Company as a realtor of choice for your real estate needs.

Mark worked with me a few years ago in buying my condo and helped me find a place that fit my needs and was within my budget. Mark was very professional and remained cognizant of the type of place I wanted and made sure it was affordable for me. A few years later when I needed to sell my place under very trying circumstances, I contacted Mark once again for the sale of my property. He understood my situation and began working on it right away. During the entire process Mark was diligent and was in contact on a regular basis; assisting me with all the tasks that needed to be taken care of. Although it wasn't an easy process, the deal was completed and I was very happy with the results. I truly appreciated all the effort Mark took in getting the transaction completed and I especially appreciated his understanding of my unique situation and his hard work and guidance. I recommend anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property to contact Mark and his team first. His expertise and hard will pay off and you won't be disappointed with the results! Sincerely, Scott Merritt

Scott Merritt

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